And if we introduce the cop21 with the most people concern for global warming !

It's nice ? But I listen this video one more time, and I realise that people not speak english... What a pity ! So, I find two other english's video :

Video 1

I choose to talk in one time of global warming that it's the first envirnomental's problem and this is the theme of cop 21.
This two videos show that we does to concern for the global warming, and that our polution and our detachement of nature are the cause. The songs and images show ours feelings and our interaction with nature.

But doesn't the cop21 and global warming concern the policy man and big business group ?

Video 2

The cop21 is a conference where nations gather in order to find solutions for climate change. Previous meetings have already taken place in Copenhagen, Doha and Cancun. This video demonstrates that for nations can agree on the final details of this solution in advance. And many years, they own plan to help. In Paris, we need a common action plan.


A opinion of india
This paper tells the story of conference of parties, the work accomplished and the mistakes made by nations.

To sum up

This cop21 is the 21th meeting between 195 states. This universal agreement recognizes the existence of a climate change of human origin and gives industrialized countries the responsibility to fight against this phenomenon. After the failure of the COP15 in Copenhagen in 2009, which failed to deliver an international agreement, the Kyoto Protocol is restarted for a second period, between 2012 and 2020. But only a handful of states is committed to new goals. Now obsolete, the Kyoto Protocol must be replaced by a Paris Agreement from 2020. The COP21 held from November 29 to November 11 in Paris, France.

The states have unanimously adopted the first global agreement on climate. The main conclusions of this agreement are :
- limiting the temperature increase of 2 ° C
- develop new technologies to fight against global warming consequences
- lend or give 100 billion dollars to finance projects in the southern countries to help them to adapt to climate change ( drought, floods, rising sea levels, …)
- Check commitments every five years by 2025
- ….
To be implemented in 2020, the agreement must be ratified, accepted or approved by at least 55 countries representing at least 55% of global emissions of greenhouse gases.