Tiers Lieux

Sous titre : Building a third place

Participants :
Émilie / Jérôme / Réjane / Charlotte / Gabie

Synopsis : (5 /10 lignes en français et anglais)
We have a dream ! Different persons, different sensibilities, differente skills... gathered in ONE PLACE ! -> In a new third place in France.

Saynète filmée :
Make a teaser about our project. Get people's interest,and maybe that will help us find a location for the project.
Outil PowToon
ce qu'on veut mettre dans le tiers lieu / attirer une commune : jardin partagé / recyclerie / fab lab / résidence d'artiste / micro brasserie


un jeune ghetto : JEROME yo man! i would like an awesome fucking place to play music!
un vieux : REJANE I gardened all my life and i would like to share my knowledge. I just read in a newspaper an article about 3D printer, it seems fantastic and I want to use it to repare/fix/mend my bicycle.
un geek : GABIE That hacks me off to keep on sitting alone in front of my computer! I want to create a cool network, and figure out with other people crazy things to make!
une pouf : JEROME humm... a third place ? i'm so excited!!!!
un père au foyer : JEROME it will be great to build a nice place to bring up my 2 kids and live in harmony altogethter . I have many projects I would like to concretize/come true/fulfill,for example/instance making bicycles for my children.
un bobo EMILIE : currently there is a lack of strong social bonds, and we need a place to practice ecology as permaculture and upcycling...
un enfant CHARLOTTE: i want a funny place to play with new buddies!
un agri GABIE: Share my job and explain to urbans how vegetables grow dear to my heart !
un artiste : REJANE si que veo une cosa que… english ? Si ! I imagine a space of expression , creation, communition.. y una stimulacion de the others
working girl : EMILIE I'm working for a huge bank in London and i feel i need to do altruistic activities
le maire CHARLOTTE : A third place ? For what ? Security, social cohesion and mostly be elected next year !

2/ music et les idées qui pop :

3/ Are you up for it ?

Sketch : Idées
Projection video : Emission "Help us to make a choice"
1 hotesse : Réjane = Kimberley
1 présenteur : Jérome = Bobby
3 du tiers lieux


Chauffer la salle + jingle
Bobby + Kim descendent d'en haut de la salle - arrivée sur scène - calmer la salle

Bobby : Welcome to "Help us to make a choice!" and thank for being here! Hello Kim!

Kim : Hello Bobby, how are you ?

Bobby : Fine and you ? (x3)

Bobby : Hum, as every week, Iet me remind you the concept of this emission : our guests are hesitant about their choices and you, public, are here to help them ! Today, we are receiving a team who wants to build an amazing third place in Brighton ! Kim, can you explain us what is a third place ?

Kim : Okayyyyy, a third place iiiiiis any place in our lives other than work or home where we spend time. To precise this definition, let's watch a short video!


Bobby : And nooooow let's welcome Britney !
Hi Britney, have a sit and tell us what you're doing in this project.

Britney : Hi everybody, thanks to invit us ! I will start with our project's philosphy !
We are a group who wants to get involved in our society, and the third place project in Brigthon is the result of many months of reflexion. And that's it ! A place which harmonizes our professional wishes, and personal convictions. Also it takes part of the neighbourhood dynamic !

Bobby : Well, interesting, in fact who is in charge of this organisation ?

Britney : To begin, it's not one person who leads this project, we are managing it all together! It's very important for us. Also, all the decisions are choosen by consensus.

For me, I'm especially into coordination activities, and I'm mostly interrested by upcyling in artistic creation !

Bobby : Can you explain us what is upcycling ?

Britney : Well, of course ! Recycling is a process where used materials are treated to be reused. In art, upcyling consists to use one object for something else than initially.

Bobby : Thanks, and now let me present you Briana !

Briana : Hello guys! Ok so in the project I'm mostly on the side of the new technologies… So in this third place I'm in charge of the creation of a Fablab ! It's gonna be so awesome you'll see, there will be 3D printers, laser-powered cutters, high-precision robotic routers, milling equipment,...

Bobby : Whoooohoo sounds great ! But can you explain to us what's a fablab exactly?

Briana : Oh it's a place where you can find the equipment that allow you to manufacture anything you want! You can also meet people from very different backgrounds, old and youngs, students or ingeneers.

Bobby : Okay

Briana : And for example, let's talk about the old woman that we just saw the video. So you remember, her bicycle is broken, she needs to replace a part... Well she can come to the fablab, expose her problem to the others. And then, we'll share ideas and all together we'll fix the bicycle and make it even crazier!!!

Bobby : Hum interesting thank you! Our last guest : Shirley !

Bobby : So, what about you ? What are you doing in this project ?

Shirley : Hello everybody, I'm doing the link between this association and the volunteers. For example i organize community volunteering project, to launch seed bombs and make the city greener! In this project I would like to gather people from different backgrounds around a useful and peaceful activity as gardening.

Bobby : Why gardening ?

Shirley : Gardening involve in fact many different activities, like handiwork, plant biology, team-building, environmental sensibility,... And I think that those skills have to be easier to reach to everyone!

Bobby : Well thank you, and is there any other persons in your team ?

Shirley : Of course, our financial supervisor and logistical coordinator are unfortunately absent, they manage all the administrative procedures and they want to create a coffee-restaurant and a bewery : it could be a way to fund other activities of our third place.


Bobby : Thanks a lot for your testimony, you seem to be a very motivated team; if you are here tonight, it's because you need the public recommendation. Kim, please, can you remind us the voting process?!

Kim : Our guests have to make one choice between three propositions. The first one : green paper , the second : yellow paper , and the third : red.
You can vote by raising the color corresponding to your choice. Then, I count the papers, and that's it !

Bobby : So you need our advise to choose the place and the name of your future third place ! We'll begin with the place : 3 places in Brighton have been selected by the team :

projection d'une usine désaffectée

Briana: Yeeaaaah a factory! Huge space for a lot of awesome machines, and... guess what ?! don't need a heating system thanks to the computers ! And with all that space we could integrate a movie room, a brewery to make beer, a restaurant, a studio recording, a space to expose art work, a space to exchange stuff… and look ! on the roof we could do some urban agriculture !

projection de jardins + habitats mobiles

Shirley : a huge space to garden. Can you imagine all of these beautiful flowers and tasty organic vegetables! And, we could construct a building all together with our own hands, to develop other activities.

projection d'un hotel particulier

Britney : Look that building ! Imagine, a floor for each activites. For example, downstairs there will be a reception space with a coffee and a restaurant, the floor above will be for manufacturing and brewery. And the top floor for upcycling and reusing ! And that's just an example of course !
I really love the idea that this beautiful place is plenty of history, and it will be an awesome gift for this construction to be rehabilitated with a human project like ours.

Bobby : and now, let's vote !

Kim : (panneau vote) you have 10 seconds!
Ok finished? Let's count! 1 ... 2 .... 3...

Bobby : Yeah yeah 22 so the winner is.... the factory!!

  • usine (projection)

Kim : Now we have to choose the name of this third plaaaace !

- the bright place
- the freedom factory
- the beyondspace

Bobby : and now, let's vote !

Kim : (panneau vote) you have 10 seconds!
Ok finished? Let's count! 1 ... 2 .... 3...

Bobby : Yeah yeah 34 so the winner is..........!
The Beyondspace !!! (projection)

Kim : team, do you want to tell us a last word ?

Shirley : Thank you for your help, you're amazing! We are waiting for you, we need help and hands to build your future live space ! You can meet us on our website at newthirdplaceinbrighton.com, and you can also support us on our crow-founding plateform, we need you guys !

Bobby : Great, this is the end of "Help us to make a choice". Come back next week to help Kimberley to find a new boyfriend.

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