Agro-environmental mediation

Sous titre :
Mediation around a conflict.
Collaboration tools.

In the nice place called Hill Valley situated in the middle of nowhere, something that disturbs the citizens happened. A decision has been tatken by the municipality to allow an highway passing through the village, linking the cities Townsvill and Flycity faster.
But this highway will accross the fields of farmers, and the most important, it will pass on a natural space: a peatland.
This issue brought different kind of actors, and put them in the middle of a conflict wich will represent a long time of hard dicussions, oftently finishing in a bad way.
Politics, promotors, and association of nature protection had to meet around a table, to find solutions of this too long time conflict.
What will be the solution?

One day, a citizen talked about the idea to invite a mediator to solve this conflict.
What will be the exit after this expected meeting ?

Participants :
Lorine / Maria / Jeanne / Valentin / Victoria

Synopsis : (5 /10 lignes en français et anglais)

Saynète filmée :

Sketch :

Organisation du travail et outils :
Themes for documents research :
- Peatland (Lorine)
- Public inquiry (Valentin)
- Mediation (Maria)
- Collaborative tools in a meeting (Victoria)
- Impact study (Jeanne)




PDF story board, Sketch'up
Final script
 Mindmapinmeeting Team meeting