Symbiose et Mycorhize

Sous titre : Mycorhize and society

Participants :
Cécile / Charlotte / Guillaume / Jérémy / Soline

Synopsis : (5 /10 lignes en français et anglais)
We would explain relations between plants and mushrooms and ilustrate that by relationships in society.

We thought about « c'est pas sorcier ». During our representation we will make scientifical scenes with funny scenes between. One of us can have the main role and explain seriously as « fred et jammy » to have an scientific vision. Some others scenes can use other kind of tools.

Saynète filmée : We will use the theme "c'est pas sorcier" or do some adds about mycorhize

Sketch : We will use the theme "c'est pas sorcier" and do some adds

Organisation du travail et outils :
  • The organisation :
-We will used drive
- We will choose a theme and tell to our group to avoid to treat the same theme
Tools :
- and we will make sets
- puppets
- models
- humour

Script for the short movie: (based on "C'est pas Sorcier")

Jamie : Jéremy
Old Birch :Guillaume
Sabine : Charlotte
"Soil-In": Soline
Doctor 2: Cécile

SCENE 1 (dans le camion)
Jamie: Hey Sabine, where are you?
SCENE 2 (salle noire, avec lampe, laines, et jambes Guillaume)
Sabine: Hey Jamie, i'm underground, it's pretty dark here... (dans le noir avec une lampe de poche).
There is something amazing here!! (bouge sa lampe torche et montre le reseau des myco) Look Jamie, these are the roots of the old birch tree, and around it, can you see the red circles ? These are the mushrooms!! (ficelles accrochées aux pieds de Guillaume, symbole des racines du vieux chêne). They’re called mycorrhiza !

Générique Camion
3e SCENE (Retour à l'intérieur du camion)
Jamie: Mycorrhiza? How can we explain it? Let's ask my old friend the birchtree...
4e SCENE (dehors à côté de l’arbre, guillaume parle)
Birch: Hello my friends, did you know me? I'm the old birch, i live just here in Supagro's Garden, i'm really healthy, really strong ... Did you know why? Because i'm not alone, i live with all my mushroom friends. They are really good friends of mine because we are helping one another to bring food, to be healthy, to be strong and to grow faster.
5e SCENE (dans le camion)
Jamie reformule: if i get you right, they are exchanging mutuels benefits for a better life altogether. Let's ask "Soil-In", doctor specialized in soil science and Doctor 2, specialized in mycorrhiza.
6e SCENE (labo avec les 2 docteurs, puis zoom sur les diapo)
Soil’in : Hello, I’am doctor Soil’in
Doctor C: and me, I’am doctor C, we will explain to you what mycorrhiza is ? > 1er diapo
2e diapo (Soil’in): myccorhiza existed 400 million years ago. There are essential for the development of 95% of plants into the world.
3e diapo (Soil’in): they are the first living organisms in earth.
4e diapo (Doctor C): Mycorrhiza is a kind of relationship between two organisms from different species. This is a symbiosis, between mushroom (5e diapo) and a plant (6e diapo).
7e diapo (Doctor C): mycorrhiza can be found on the roots of plants.
8e diapo (Doctor C): they develop within the cell : in fact the mushrooms go inside the cell of the plant‘s roots.
9e diapo (Soil’in): the deal is that the plants give sugar to mushrooms and mushrooms give inorganic nutrients to plants.
10e diapo (Soil’in): now let’s see examples of mycorrhiza we will explain to you later on.
11e diapo (Soil’in): mycorrhiza can be used in agriculture to grow up vegetables faster
12e diapo (Soil’in): truffles : needs mycorrhiza to grow up with oak trees
13e diapo (Soil’in): orchids flowers : they also need mycorrhiza to develop