Dissect the COP21

  • The Earth go under the knife
We want to explain what COP21 and goals.
We'll try to have differents visions of COP21 with differents persons.
We want to know how citizens see the COP21 and if they made some actions for environment.
We'll study the differences between North and South countries.

Participants :
Camille / Côme / Lilly / Leïla / Alexandre

OPEN-AIR SAYNETE -> https://semestriel.framapad.org/p/COP21_saynete

Synopsis :
This short video is a TV channel BBC report. Close to the COP21's, our reporters have been on the ground and interview : politicians, organisation and citizens. They will look to understand what is COP21 and see citizen initiatives.

Sketch : Operation in an hospital to dissect the COP 21 -> https://semestriel.framapad.org/p/COP21_sketch

Organisation du travail et outils :