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Sous titre :Local food systems

Participants : Thomas / Marie / Mathilde / Pauline / Kelly

Synopsis :

Saynète filmée :
We have several ideas about the video :
- first we could film a local "becasse" hunter ( we have already 2 volunteers in Monteils and one is a typical local one!). We could film them with their guns while they are hunting and after film them while they are eating the bird ( maybe a bit of blood.....). Something humoristic!
- secondly, we were thinking of making an intreview of the english lady that work in a local shop in town and ask her different questions about the good ad the bad points in the local food market.
-We also thought of making a sort of animation with toys ( small cars and trucks, on a playmat with roads etc...).
- We had the idea of miming a fruit that has to travell a long way before being sold ( at first the fruit is all shinny and fresh, at the end its colour changes and it seems rotten)
- We thought that we could also talk about the local wool market here in Lozère and thought that we could run in town with wool on our back .

We can take 2 or 3 ideas and make a small film with it ( 30 seconds each for example)

Sketch :

Organisation du travail et outils :
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