Alimentation locale

Sous titre :

What's up with Local Food

Participants :
Enora / Clémence / Boutaïna / Joséphine / Elie

Synopsis : (5 /10 lignes en français et anglais)
Our purpose is to talk about local food.
-Identify initiatives that take part in developing the local food trade.
-What does local food impliy?
What are the limits?

Notre but est de parler de l'alimentation locale
-Identifier des initiatives qui participe au développement d'une alimentation locale
-Qu'implique une alimentation locale
-Qu'elles sont les limites?

Saynète filmée :
the saynète will be an introduction of the sketch.
In this video we can see a girl in front of her computer, she's taping. On the net she write : « what is short food supply chain ». She found a video wich is named : short food supply chain tutorial this first video eplain WHAT is the food supply chain. She stops the video before the end. She found an other video. In this video we can see a girl and a farmer, this is a part of a documentary, with a voice over who's explain what's going on … this video explain WHY buy local food. After she have look these videos, she want to know how to found local food, so she tape : free local food. She watch a video of crops, in this video we can see a girl gathering wild plants. Next, she write how to buy local food. This video explain HOW to found local food. Between the videos she write something on a paper : the main ideas. At the end of the third video, she looks satisfied and eat a Macdonald's burger.

Sketch :
We wish to do something funny and wear costume.
We would like to the sketch follows the "saynète" and identify initiatives that take part in developping the local food trade. The main character will meet different people in order to understand how and why eat local food. He will also see the limit of local.

Organisation du travail et outils :
Each member of the group chose a subtopic :
-Urbanfarming (Joséphine)
-Community supported agriculture (Clémence)
-Local currency (Enora)
-Local food (Elie)
-Limits of local food (Boutaina)

ideas :
Why eat local : 1environment, 2taste, 3health, 4wallet, 5territory
local means : a low quantity of "food miles"
Local food implies for consumer to adapt his habits (what he eats, how he cooks, where he buys,...)
Limit's : it's not especially better as regards energy consumption (production and transport) contrary to what you believe. It's not especcially easy for the consumer to get used to : you have to adapt your cooking, you can't buy everything in the same place, and you are forced to deal with seasonal and local food (which also mean no chocolate for exemple).