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Welcome in my page!! There you will find my two videos and an article deal with
"Local Food"
and especially
"community Supported Agriculture : CSA"
For each document : a quick presentation, 5 key words (in addition of CSA) and a general sum up of the three documents as well.
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Vidéos :

- What's a CSA? : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcR2J63_44c**

This video explain what is a Community supported agriculture. CSA allow famillies to get fresh product from june to october. The food is local and come from a small farm situated 100 miles away which means their is no travel. Vegies and fruits are ripes when you get them every week . This weekly rendez-vous is an occasion for people to create personnal connexion with their neighbour and also with the farmer. Thanks to CSA the farmer share the risk of the season harvest with consumers. Those one get organic food cheaply than if they had to buy it on a farmer market

Key words :
CSA / Local food / small farm / fresh product / good deal / sustainable

- Community Supported Agriculture: What to expect when you join a farm : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-e7asz-XE0

This video is for people who wish to join a farm through CSA and wants get some advices before. The best way to join a CSA is to ask your sphere : does anyone in your groupe of friends is a member of CSA? Also you can directly ask the farmer for know his values. Exchange between people is an importante part of the community. you should expect various products and unfamiliar one, of course you will have to manage for adapt your cooking, but it's healthy : good for your spirit and your body. You take a financial risk because their is no controle on the crop because of the weather, but it's part of supported a small organic farmer. Join a CSA is coonecting consumers and farmer.

Key words :
CSA / healthy / supported farmer / consumers / shared risk / alternative

Article :

- Volunteers reap the rewards of community-supported agriculture : http://ajae.oxfordjournals.org/content/90/5/1298.extract

This article was written by Cheryl Brown (Associate Professor and Undergraduate Coordinator of
Agricultural and Resource Economics) and Stacy Miller (Executive Director of FMC = Food Machinery Cooperation).
Consumers wish more and more, buy food who is produced close to them. Farmer's market are now days identify by consumers as a reference. CSA enable consumers to be close to the farmer and be part of a community as well. Farmer's market and CSA allow people to combine social and economic localy benefice, besides to have access to local food. Two books were written recently on the topic and prove as best-seller that "going local", appeal to people.

Key words : CSA / Farmer's market / Going local / consumers / social / local economy

Sum up of the three documents :

The three documents was picked because they talk about CSA, with is my subtopic in the large theme of local food. Community supported agriculture is an easy way for people to have direct access to high quality, fresh produce grown locally by regional farmers. In this three documents, you are learning what exactly is a CSA and how it works, moreover how and why join one. CSA is a good way for consumers to access local food and reach their expectation as regards "going local" : it's good for social relation, local economy, and also for the environment !
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