International Contest Step to my future

There is a wonderful contest for students! They can create their own vision on what to expect once they will enter the labor market through a film or another visual presentation of maximal 180 seconds.

If you want to inspire students or parents or teachers or companies just click here[[]] and enjoy!

How you can join the contest:

Step 1
Contact your coordinatore nazionale to subscribe your school/class to the contest.

Step 2
Set up the activities of the contest in yoru school in order to include it in the training programme and to activate a multi disciplinary team of work.

La Presentation of the method will guide you in this process. The national coordinator is available to help in this job. If there is an activated training of trainers course you can join it. If not a coach will guide you to set up and manage the activity.
Step 3
Launch the contest in the selected classes with the regulation and the poster of the contest.

How to evaluate the contest results:
Step 4
You can use the following instruments to evaluate the competences improved by students and trainers thankst to the innovative method promoted by the contest:
- Assessment guideline for students and Students evaluation matrix
- Assessement guideline for trainers and Trainers evaluation matrix

Step 5
After the evaluation of the competences developed with the method you can fill the following report and send it to the national coordinator. It will help the coordinator to guide you better the next training year.

Step 6
For the evaluation of the products developed by your students you can use the same grid of the international selection committee or use your own evaluation instruments.

2016 EU winners
Mainstream students

Special needs students

2015 EU winners
Mainstream students

Special needs students

2014 EU winners