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How are the local population associated with the program of reforestation in the world?

What encourages a population to protect a forest?

What are the issues of awareness around the tree?

Problematic at the begining :

What education and awareness actions around reforestation are developed in the projects support by Pur Projet?

Abstract :

Relations between humans and trees go back to the dawn of time, today in the face of collusive environmental issues (climate change, ecosystem degradation, etc.), humans are turning once again to trees to meet these challenges. We choose to study an example of a social company that considers the tree as the best existing investment, works on reforestation and agroforestry, invests in integrated social and environmental projects. This is an opportunity for us to explore EEDD in a new context, that of projects led by a company guided by social and environmental values. In concrete terms, Pur Projet supports the socio-economic development of local communities by investing in their reforestation projects. Investment in agroforestry allows farmers to preserve their ecosystems, increase and diversify their production.
We have chosen to study two cases : one in England and the other in Australia. In England, the Smart Planting agroforestry project has raised awareness of conservation among local farmers while increasing their production. This successful experiment is intended to be extended. In Australia, the NGO Greening Australia supported by Pur Projet has chosen to raise awareness among local farmers and volunteers living in the 4 selected degraded areas.

Purproject's global vision: Why Purproject invests in agroforestry and reforestation projects?

Link article :
Contacts (interview): French associations working on agroforestry "Paysarbre" and "Millefeuilles"

Keywords chosen in the article:

Purprojet: Purprojet is a company that allows other companies to take into account the problems related to climate change. To this end, it proposes to invest in social reforestation or agroforestry projects.

Ecosystem:An ecosystem refers to a natural environment by considering the relationships between what constitutes it: the environment (biotope) and all the species that live there.

Climate change:
Climate change refers to global and sustainable variations in climate. Climate characterizes the meteorological phenomena of a region (sunshine, rain, temperature, seasons...) This change is worrying today because human activity has a major influence on the climate (anthropocene) and causes global warming that is dangerous for the maintenance of life on earth.

Agro-ecology: Agro-ecology refers to all agricultural practices that allow production that respects the environment and people. Agro-ecological practices are inspired by the natural functioning of ecosystems. Agro-ecology is by definition opposed to industrial, conventional or chemical agriculture.

Kyoto protocol:
The Kyoto Protocol is an international agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions

The case of Australia : Replanting trees in 4 biodiversity hotspots with NGO Greening Australia (Elsa)

Link video Greening Australia (Elsa) = 2'53
Progress Report : GreeningAustraliaProgressReport.pdf (3.3MB)
Contact (interview) :

Keywords chosen in the video :

Native vegetation :

This refers to vegetation (trees, shrubs, plants) growing spontaneously in a geographical area. So it is adapted to soil and climate conditions, which also means that it protects the soil from erosion, for example. It is also systemically associated with a particular fauna. For me, native vegetation means sustainable vegetation.

Local Farmers:

In agricultural areas, local farmers are the people directly concerned by the problems caused by deforestation and soil erosion. Their activity is developing in areas that were once forested. Involving them in the reforestation programme should enable them to think again the links between humans and nature, but also to review their practices for sustainable agriculture.

To replant :

Replanting implies planting where there has been vegetation (trees...). Often, as in Australia, deforestation has occurred to urbanize or expand agricultural activities. It is a question of restoring lost balances by reintroducing the tree into a territory. The choice of species is an undeniable criterion for success.

To coexist :

Coexisting must be understood here in the context of human/nature relationships. It is a major and recurring concept when considering deforestation issues. Indeed, reforestation programmes must take into consideration the fragile balances of biodiversity and human activities (urbanization, agriculture, tourism, wood exploitation, etc.). Then, we enter into the issues of raising public awareness and environmental education so that human activities do not damage ecosystems and allow them to continue.

Partnership :

Partnership is also at the heart of our study. The projects supported by Pur Projet involve, for example, NGOs, local farmers, local communities, companies, etc.
When it comes to replanting an area, the various stakeholders in the territory must be consulted and their points of view taken into account to ensure the long-term success of the project. In addition, planting several thousand trees has a significant cost. Finding funders then becomes essential.

Link video

Interview de David Rose (Mathieu) = 3'41

Interview (first contact) :

Keywords chosen in the video

Leaf Farmer: This word designates the profession David Rose former conventional farmer, reconverted into the production of trees and leaves, by reintroducing the tree into a territory.

Agroforestery: Agroforestry is a land use management system in which trees of different ages, size, species, agroforestry comes from ecology, via agroecology. the consequence agroforestry, yields are higher, it reduces the use of fertilizers, but it also helps to preserve biodiversity and soil.

Dietary: Design and results in a very strict diet and particular on the nouriture.

Profitable: Who gives a profit, an interesting profit: In particular agroforestry is a profitable business.

Gradually expanded: This word is important because it shows the spread of agricultural land on the forest.

Chimpanzees and humans, coal and trees = 2'08

Advanced problem guiding our interview and research feedback :

How the tree is reintegrated into agricultural practices ?
Is agroforestry a traditional common sense practice or innovation ?

Keywords chosen in the video




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