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Bats and farming

Students : Jeanne DELHOMMEL, Mélanie PERIS, Mérédith BERNABE

Summary :


Mérédith : Farming as threat for bats

Mélanie : Good farming practices for bats

Jeanne : Bats as an asset for agriculture


Plan de communication

Oral presentation
Petit rhinolophe
Petit rhinolophe / CC BY-SA 3.0 / F. C. Robiller

Studying subject :

Chiropterans and farming in Europe
Agricultural intensification is one of the main causes of the decline of many bat populations in Europe. In fact, intensive farming destroys feeding and breeding sites for bats and the massive use of pesticides is a threat for many insect populations.
However, agriculture is a fundamental activity in order to feed humanity, therefore it is important for farming to keep an economic sustainability.
Consequently, we will try to answer this problematic :
How to conciliate chiropterans and farming in Europe ?

Throughout our research, we found that some farmers are currently developing good agricultural practices such as planting hedges, preserving naturals roosts (cavity tree, orchards) or installing bat boxes. Furthermore, some farmers are trying to use bats as insect biocontrol in order to reduce or stop the utilisation of pesticides.
However, we learnt about the use of guano as a fertilizer for crops. In fact using an organic resource doesn’t mean that it is renewable or sustainable and it is very important to be aware about that.
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