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Bear's Project

Group : Gwenola, Laure, Vincent

What place for Sloven's Bears in France ? The challenge of "reintroduction"...

We would like to study, how bears live in slovenia, and compare with France. And then think about reintroduction in France, how we could do that in peace ?
We want to interview a sloven bear's spécialist to speak about bears in slovenia and asking his opinion about reintroduction in France.
After reflexions (and also because no positive answer from any biologist in slovenia for the interview), we choose to open research to all europe, to know more about bears, and find more solutions for reintroduction in France.


The reintroduction of sloven's bears in France

Key words
-Species reintroduction: It consiste of release individuals in a animal population how need to be strengthen ( in this instance) or how have desappered.
-controversial decision : It's a criticized choice by many people how have differents point of view.
-predation : it's a natural phenomenon between the predator and its prey. This word describe the fact of killing an animal to eat and survive. In this instance the bear eat the ewe.
-pastoralism : mode of breedingl explotation based on the natural grezing.
-coexistence : it's a peaceful cohabitation between many people how have to do some compromize.

Tracking of brown bears in France

Key words
- Génétic study : tracking and analyze of samples to identify and know each individual animals
- Track : on the field of wild animal tracks to see their presence on the territory
- Paw-print : indication of animal présence

Bear in slovenia

Key words
Tourist proposes: it's means tourism activities, things that you can do with tourists
Accomodation: it's a place where people can live, and sleep, for example during hollyday
To spot: it's means trying to see
Income: it's represent the monney that you can earn, that you can have


Bear 's reintroduction in France : a politic contested decision
Key words
Indigenous animal: native bear how have historic presence in a territory
defiance of the law : act of disobedience of gouevernement decision
livestock : animals that are kept on a farm, such as cows or sheep

This text is an official document from "sloven ministry of the environnment and spacial planning". It's talking about brown bear managment and conservation in slovenia. (long version) (short version)
Key words :
Game species : represent animal species that humans are hunting (for meat, for trophee, for fur, for regulation...)
Encroachement : when one species occupying a part of the natural habitat of another one (in other words, when one species steal the territory of another species)
Brown bear managment : this is how to conserve brown bear species, regulate population, and how to live/cohabitate with us

This text is about government and farmers conflicts about bear reintroduction
Key words
- Conflicts : different points of view between several people on a subject
- natural heritage : natural wealth of a territory
- settled population : présence of a stable population on a territory
- Transhumance : Take away the flocks for the summer in montains grazing land


Reintroduction or just presence of large predator has always led to a lot of questioning about/around animals and humans all around the world. In France, Brown bear is at the heart of today's environnemental preoccupation. The recent introduction of two bears in pyrenees is a controversial decision. Indeed local farmers reproach to the government to take decisions without any concertation with local people. They want that the ministry of ecology realise a predation impact assessment on flocks.

In slovenia, brown bear population is about 600 specimens.

In Russia and Finland (Carelia Region) there is not so many problems between farmers and bears, for the good reason that there is no cattles into the montains.
Also, we have to don't forget that bear's diet is made up of around 75 % of vegetables/fruits.
After talk with Laetitia Becker, biologist in Carelia, we now that in Pyrenees, we have to talk about renforce population, but no reintroduction, because brown bears have always been there. We talk about reintroduction when we put back a species in a place where she was fully eradicate. She also said to us that it could be a solution to release small bears into pyrennees and no adult for a better adaptation. The problem is that with this solution we have to wait 2/3 years for the first reproduction.
She also said that there is no bear problem, or wolf problem, but just human problem. And we think that is quiet true. We have to find solutions to live with them, and not against them.


We haven't find anyone to interview in Slovenia, so we choose to do larger's research.
So we are going to interview Laetitia Becker, a biologist working on wolves and bears reintroduction in Carélia (Russia).

A great website about european brown bear management :

Mails sent for interviews to:
Miha mlakar (, tourism) :
Slovenia forest service ( : Rock cerne (project coordinator), Nives Pagon
Euronatur stiftung (germany) :
Laetitia Becker, biologist, Carelia(finland) :
Bears Project (scandinavia) (brown bear research):

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