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Sus scrofa Linnaeus, 1758

Contributor : Nicolas, Dylan, Sebastien, Clement
We are three students interested in hunting management especially that of wild boar. Wild boar populations have undergone a systematic increase, in both size and distribution range, across most parts of Europe over the past 30 years. The growing number of wild boars has resulted in numerous economic, environmental, and social problems.

Question :
How to reconcile the presence of wild boar and agricultural practices ?

Sebastien -> Introduction :
"Wild boar presentation
and "Agriculture presentation
Wild boar situation in European's country

Current situation, difficult cohabitation, overabundance, out-of-control proliferation

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Lien vers: http://www.web-agri.fr/actualite-agricole/economie-social/article/le-panorama-complet-departement-par-departement-des-degats-de-sangliers-1142-140543.html
Dégats de sangliers aux cultures
Nicolas-> I - Causes :
Agrainage (feeding place) ? Agricultural abandonment (brushing, privatization of land), release of wild boar (overflowed by the explosion), crossing, climatic condition (mild winter, etc.), lower hunters (less pressure), no predators
Dylan-> II - Consequences :
Crop damage, road accident, additional problem for farmers, split hunters / farmers, environmental damage
Clement-> III - Solutions :
Hunting plan (administrative beat, lieutenant of hunting, summer's shooting, night's shooting), classification in harmful species, crop protection, increase of the hunting pressure, regulation of the agrainage for purposes of removal crops or even prohibition, agricultural compensation, promotion of hunting with young people (1 € license, free), change in hunting practices

Partners :

Hunting Federation, Cévennes National Park, Departmental Direction of the Territories, Chamber of Agriculture, National Office of Hunting and Wildlife, farmers, hunters (48,30)
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PAD: https://annuel.framapad.org/p/wildboardhunting

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Looking for document :


- MORTHLAND John. A plague of pig in Texas. Smithsonian Magazine [Online]. January 2011. Available on :https://www.smithsonianmag.com/science-nature/a-plague-of-pigs-in-texas-73769069/. (visit the October 21st.).
Extract from the article :
"About 50 miles east of Waco, Texas, a 70-acre field is cratered with holes up to five feet wide and three feet deep. The roots under a huge oak tree that covers a creek have been dug and exposed. The grass was trampled in the paths. Where the grass has been plucked, young trees grow pecans that provide food for deer, opossums and other wildlife. A farmer wanting to cut his hay could hardly get a tractor over here. There is no doubt about what happened - this area went to pigs."

Definition :
- Wild hogs/Feral hogs : The wild hogs is the breed-crossing between the wild boar and the domestic pig.
- Invasive species : An alien species is a species which is not naturally present on a territory, she have a negative impact on the natural local biodiversity and may end up taking her place.
- Omnivorous : An omnivorous animal is an animal who can eat meats, vegetables or fruts, he eat anything. The wild boar is an omnivorous.
- Brucellosis : The brucellosis is a disease that the wild boar can have, and transmit to the domestic pigs. She can be transmit also at human by the eating meat if the meat is not cooking enough.
- Hybridization : The hybridization is the result of a breed-crossing. For example between wild boar and domestic pig who gives the wild hogs.


- JACOPO Barigazzi. The boar war. POLITICO [Online]. January 2018. Available on : https://www.politico.eu/article/the-wild-boar-war-italy-farmers-hunting/. (visit the October 18th.).
It's an article of an American media, Politico, and it's about the damage of cultures in Italia. It's explains why the wild boar population increase, what are problems and what would like farmers.

Definition :
- Damage : It's when something, a culture for exemple, is ruined and deteriorate.
- Proliferation : It's when a species increase quickly.
- Compensation : It's when the government give money to farmers because of their lands were destroy by wild animals.
- Black market : It's an illegal market.
- Hunt : Hunters shoot wild animals for a good management of biodiversity without great predator.


- Noble Research Institute. Feral Hogs in North America: An Overview. 12 février 2015.

Definition :
- Rooting : Action of the wild boar when he turn over land, he can do that on croplands, pasturelands, grasslands
- Rubbing : It’s when a wild boar move against a tree, a behavior to remove external parasite. It can damage or kill the tree
- Wallowing : Wild boar don't have any sweat glands so they have to get in the mud and the water to cool themselves down. They can cause erosion in the aquatic environments and also water quality issues.
- Wildlife habitat : It’s an ecosystem where a number of species live together and interact among them.
- Native species : It’s a species who naturally live in a place without human’s intervention.


- EFSAchannel. African Swine Fever: how to stay one step ahead. 11 juillet 2018.

Definition :
- Disease : It's when someone (person) or an animal is sick because of virus.
- Vetenary : It's a job. The vet must treat all of animals, but it can have specialisation.
- African Swine Fever : It's an animal disease which have pig, wild boar and warthog. It isn't contagious for Men.
- Vaccine : It's a preventive treatment for stop a disease.
- Spreading : It's a propagation of somethings.

Summary :

The wild boar is an omnivorous who can cause important damage on culture. His proliferation can be rapid and he become an invasive species in certain countries.
In some European countries such as France or Germany the wild boar causes damage both in crops and in cities by eating garbage cans. In the United States and Texas in particular the wild boar has become a major problem for farmers.

There are many causes to explain the population explosion of the wild boar population in the world since the middle of the twentieth century. Most causes are the fault of humans. First, the hunters deliberately helped the explosion by introducing and favoring wild boars for hunting or for the black market as in italy. Of course, they didn't want this current situation. But lack of monitoring and anticipation they participated in the growth of the species. Farmers also have their share of responsibility because they fed wild boars away from their crops and helped to devellop them. Secondly, causes that are not directly from humans exist. As the agricultural deprivation left space for wild-population or even the metissage that increases fertility. Improving livestock pigs health has also had an impact on the wild boar. Finally, the main cause is ignorance.

Today, wild boars are a problem for many human activities. Firstly, on the roads many accidents are caused by wild boars. Secondly, wild boars destroy crops. The damage caused is an economic loss for farmer. According to the article of politico "They estimate damage from boars and other wild animals has cost some €100 million in the last year." It is not uncommon to see wild boars in town for feed on waste. But they scare the population.

Some actions are realized for stop the explosion of wild boar. In some countries, a lieutenant of hunting do with local hunters a administrative beat. It means each wild boar seen is killed. Shoot night and shoot summer are also authorize where damage on crops are huge. In USA, like in the video, some people shot wild boar in Texas crops from a helicopter for killed all . American do every time in big.
In some countries or region, wild boar is classifying in harmful species, it means hunters haven't a maximum number for kill.
For farmers, some actions are realized. Hunting federations give to farmers crop protection. It is electricity gate around cultures.
The number of hunters decrease, 1,7 million to 700 000 in Italy. Hunting federations did the hunt promotion to the young people for increase the number of hunters. The hunting permit is free or at 1€.

It is not the only solutions, there are plenty of others. But all actors need to work together.


We will interview the President of the Sarajevo Hunting Club in Bosnia and Herzegovina about their wild boar management
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Contact interview :
Mohamed Hodzic - President of Association

The biodiversity of this country has been affected by the war. Indeed innumerable phenomena testify to the chaos provoked by the war in the animal world of Bosnia and Herzegovina. One in three or four animals died. This void in the ecological niches left room for the expansion of the wild boar. These are now whole herds returning the countryside.

Some questions for the interview: doc_questions



Les objectifs de la situation de communication sont:

-Faire venir les cibles à la conférence-débat
-Faire connaître les sujets de discussion qui vont être abordés
-Sensibiliser aux problèmes engendrés par le sanglier
-Faire connaître notre événement au public profane potentiellement intéressé
-Etre perçu de la façon la plus juste, la plus vraie, la plus proche des valeurs de


Dans cette communication nous proposerons un débat-conférence, nous proposerons donc une information sur la situation actuelle de l'expansion du sanglier et des conséquences de celle-ci, cela pour ensuite introduire un débat censé, cadré et respectueux entre les différents acteurs qui peuvent avoir des avis divergents. La promesse est donc celle d'une concertation et d'une écoute de tout les partis afin que tous puissent s'exprimer et qu'il en ressorte des pistes de solutions et d'actions opérationnelles.


Les cibles de la situation de communication sontt les acteurs du monde cynégétique et plus particulièrement ceux touchés par le sanglier et les problèmes qu'il engendre:

-Les chasseurs
-Les agriculteurs
-Les environnementaliste
-L'état représenté par ses services concernés
-Les riverains des zones touchés


Les différents moyens et outils sont:

-Mail list
-Evenement sur les réseaux sociaux
-Communiqué de presse (Médias de proximité)
-Pub radio, presse


Faire un rétroplanning, de la première réflexion, jusqu'à la diffusion, et tenir compte de nombreux contre-temps à prévoir en fonction des interlocuteurs : prestataires, partenaires, décideurs, ...


-50 affiches= 300 euros
-Passage médias(communiqué de presse)= 900 euros


Définir une liste les tâches, et les rôles qui s'y rattachent, du lancement au bilan, y compris en dehors du groupe


Nombre de "likes", nbre de passages dans la presse, fréquentation du site, nbre d'inscriptions ...


Communication plan :
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We wanted the theme of our presentation to be understood quickly ( the insertion of the image of a wild boar on the right). The font of the title recalls an old writing. This one is in adequacy with "La bête noir..." which is also an expression of the past, which is still widely used by hunters. The background image is a landscape on the Causse Méjean, which allows us to locate our study area.

Hunting Movie :
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