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Oral presentation

Script of our theater set

Rémi : Hi everyone !
So on this theater set about medicinal plants, we will change the setting characters a few times ! So to be understood, we present our characters.
Juliette : We are 3 friends who talk about medicinals way and then we imagine little scenette to how it goes.
INTRODUCTION : Cheese and explanation !
The Historien : Rémi
The Utopian : Ana
The Cynical : Juliette

Ana : Hmmmm ! This cheese is so delicious, what do you think ?
Juliette : O yeah …. It’s so unfortunate that Rémi don’t taste it !
[ Approche le fromage vers the historian]
Rémi: O fuck, don’t approach this of my face, i hate it !
[s’écarte dégoût]
Ana: Hey look, I found a great oil to help cure colds and flu. It's so much healthier, so much more environmentally friendly. We should take care of ourselves with herbal medicine ! So, why isn't it like that anymore?
Juliette : Oooh come on stop it now with your grandmother's recipes. It’s bulshit !
Rémi: No it’s very interesting but today we have lost a lot of science and knowledge. Herbalism is prohibited today. the pharmaceutical industry is probably behind this.
Ana: We could come back to the 14th century when the medicinal plants were praised! In this time, our belief were in relation to the wild, to the soil you know. This should be great !
Juliette: Alright, imagine it, i’ll prove to you how it went exactly, do you want to play the herbalist?
Ana: hum, ok, I will gather plants in the forest!
Rémi: So you could play a priest from the Inquisition Juliette
Juliette: Ok, and you do a guard maybe?
Ana: yeah, I I need a flower, Juliette you play the flower: you are the first on the stage: here, on your knees, let’s play!! (Tape dans ses mains)

SCRIPT 1 = Burning flower !
Prince and Historien : Rémi
The Witch: Ana
Flower and Priest : Juliette

Witch : Hi flower, I need you for my new recipe, how can you help me ?
Flower : I’ve got remarkables properties and contain chemicals called flavonoids. My flower are used as teas, tinctures, tablets and compresses. My added benefits of antibacterial activity by the essential oil constituents make me potentially valuable in the treatment and prevention of skin irritation or other things.
Prince : What are thou doing girl ? Are you speaking with a flower ? you are a Witch ! Servant of Satan !
[Fleur disparaît et change de personnage, prêtre ? qui attrape sorcière et la fout au bûcher]
Witch : Oh fuck, that’s the way it was in the Middles Ages ?
[Procès de la sorcière]
Priest : Ana, thou art accused of witchcraft, thou have two choices:
be burned at the stake or go on a holy crusade to Jerusalem.
Witch : Why ? But I just picked up flowers !
Prince : If you are ugly and alone, it could be suffisant to be accused by the church ! i told you, i saw her pick up flowers to make some philtre for the devil !
Priest : We heard this abomination sing some magical incantations ! We’ve got some witness here, who told us what an evil spirit this person has.
Priest : I would ask you, good christian people, if this witch will die or not ! Choose between death and life !
[Interpellation du public, lever le pouce pour la vie et le baisser pour la mort]
Utopian: Stop stop stop ! Alright … The witch's century isn’t the perfect time to be herbalist. But maybe, today it’s possible? witches aren’t burnt into a pyre anymore, right?
Historien : You're authorised to sell only 148 (one hundred forty-eight) herbs. And still, you can’t call them medicinal plants. That’s why you’ll see an herbal tea called “Silent Night” and not the true identity : “ treat insomnia”.
Witch: And what if you do sell them as medicinal plants?
Juliette : Let's see, you are still the herbalist, Rémi could play the Judge? And what do I do?
Rémi: Haha, you could play a lawyer from a pharmaceutical firm!
Juliette: oh great, fun, thank you!

SCRIPT 2 = Meeting our modern devils !
A Judge : Rémi
A pharmaceutical firm : Juliette
An Herbalist : Ana

The burn’s witch become an herbalist who accused, and usher of an legal proceeding.
Mise en scène : La sorcière reste sur la scène, le juge s’installe avec une table renversé sur le côté et monté sur une chaise, puis le scientifique de la firme pharmaceutique s’avance sur le côté de la scène.

Judge : In the name of the English people, Mrs Ana is accused of selling illegal products in her herbalist shop. In the name of the regular law, the job of herbalist is prohibited !
Judge : Speech is to the guilty part.
Herbalist : Your Honour, as the form of defence, my job isn’t a setback of our community. I produce and transform my plants in legacy, i do not give prescriptions, just advices you know.
Pharmaceutical firm : Liar ! You’re a liar ! Their plants are the origin of the drugs, they have virtues but can also be poison, Mrs Ana said she was carrying out an illegal activity, she didn’t take into account the fact she could poison innocent people!
Herbalist : But that is not true, my plants are great, and they haven’t poisoned anybody.
It’s a popular belief, accusing us to sell drugs and not medical plants.
They are an alternative medicine, that can be seen as a form of competition for my opponent !
Pharmaceutique firm : That’s the point, your practices are illegal, that’s true, you can’t deny this !
Judge : So …, Mrs Ana, it’s an evidence, how can you answer this point ?
Herbalist : My job is the heritage of my mother, who received it by my grandmother.
It’s a cultural activity as you know, no one could stop our traditions and ancient cultures.
Judge : Yeah, i understand what you mean, but back to the fact that you’ve been practising this activity since you are a child, so according to the current law, you're guilty !
Pharmaceutique firm : Just to prove, what i mean, i’ve got with me the draft law corresponding to our issue. [Montre la loi qu’il a sur lui et le donne au procureur]
Judge : HO, i see, all of this is formal : You are Guilty !
Herbalist : No, stop it ! i know ... the law is real but i can’t receive it !
Mrs Juliette is the proof of this political lobby !
The Vichy government wrote this law during the time of the Nazi occupation.
This was in order to condemn our ancient medicine and promote pharmaceutical industries.
As a french citizen, i can’t accept it !
Pharmaceutique firm : Mr judge, i wish you’ll not receive such a defence, it’s an affront on our country, our government, you can’t stand this, we can’t stand this !
Judge : You right ! this is unacceptable, in the name of justice, you will regret your perjury !
Herbalist : This is clearly an intolerable situation, i see literally what you are doing right now, justice couldn’t be paid by bribes you know.
Judge : Stop Mrs Ana, it’s shameful !
Judge : Alright ! So …. Someone want to say something, something clear ?
Pharmaceutique firm : According to my right, i can show you how this quack [montre du doigt l'herboriste] make us lose lot of clients and money in fact ! We lose economic credit with the government, we should put those kind of people out !
Judge : Alright, alright calm down, we are in a civilized state.
Judge : Mrs Ana, you are charged of disregard for authority. So you'll be imprisoned for six months, and you fake herbalist activity is now prohibited.
Herbalist : [s’accroupillant au sol] That sentence is really unfair, i don’t deserve it, especially for practising my job honestly !
[Tous les acteurs sortent de scènes, excepté l’herbaliste qui reste effondré par terre, pour la scène 3]

SCRIPT 3 = Get a plane to brazil !
The Historian
The Cynique
the Herbalist

[L’herbaliste reste prostré sur scène]
[L’historien entre en scène]
Rémi: You look a bit desperate, what’s going on?
Herbalist : Hi, I was maybe a bit too optimistic earlier about the revival of this job, I just got sentenced to 6 month jail and can’t practice my job anymore here.
Rémi : Don’t take it personally!
Herbalist : Yeah, this is due to our stupid western culture, I’m sure it’s going better in Brazil, I heard it is possible to visit the coopérative producing fair trade organic Guarana,
Juliette, you do the guarana producer, let’s take a plane to brazil!
Juliette: ok, I play the stewardess too! you sit down in the plan !
l’herbaliste s’assit dans un avion à côté de l’historien
Cynique [fait la sécurité] : Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. We are pleased to welcome you on board of this flight to Belem, Brazil.
Please fasten your seat belt securely. Emergency exist on either side of the cabin are clearly marked by EXIT sign. They are located 2 at the front, 2 at the centre, 2 at the rear. Floor lighting will guide you to these exits. We wish you a very pleasant flight.
Herbalist : So do laws exist that promote traditional medicine?
Historien: Since the Convention of Biological Diversity in Rio de Janeiro 1992 international law protects the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities. the role of traditional knowledge in the management and conservation of biodiversity was recognised and it helps to valorise traditional knowledge about medicinal plants.
Herbalist : And thanks to that, everything is going fine now?
Historien : We will see !

bruit d’avion qui décolle, tout le monde traverse la salle en volants avec les bras puis atterrissent
Une personne d’un machin d’écotourisme l’accueille avec une pancarte “Maloca Jungle Lodge”
bruits de plein de gens dans un aéroport

[Après atterrissage face à la scène]
Ecotourism guide : Hi, I’m from Maloca Jungle Lodge, welcome to Brazil, did you have a nice flight?
Herbalist : Hum We’re not interested
to Historian: How do we get out of here?

[historian claque des doigts, le cynique retourne sa pancarte sur laquelle il y a maintenant écrit: “Agrofrut cooperative of Urucará” et devient un type de la coopérative de guarana]

Farmer: Hi, welcome to Urucara
Historian: Hi, nice to meet you, we wished to know more about the valorisation of traditional knowledge on medicinal plants.
Farmer: well, producers of guarana here in Urucará” are doing ok since the creation of the cooperative, do you know guarana?
Herbalist : It’s a bit like coffee right?
Farmer: Yeah, but it also have medicinal properties, it’s used to cure headache for exemple. The global production increased a lot because guarana became well known . But the industries are pushing the producers to adopt new varieties and new cultural practices to increase production. And the industrial industries use it for sodas and it lose all it’s medicinal properties. That’s why we created this co-op, to keep our independency and to make good products.
Herbalist : And what about traditional medicine?
Farmer: Well, it’s not really fun, did you know that indigenous people, if they want to get social fares, they need to see a doctor and get weighted every month?
Herbalist: no, for real?
Farmer : Yeah, the doctor go from village to village with his western style medicine and everyone has to go see him, so people start to accept modern medicine and forget traditional medicine. But it’s not the main problem, did you heard what the new president said about the demarcation of indigenous reserves?
Historian: Hum, I know the demarcation of Brazil’s indigenous territories was specified in the country’s 1988 constitution and was supposed to have been completed by 1993.
Historian : That’s it, but only a few territories have been demarcated and Jair Bolsonaro, the elected president even said “ Not one centimetre will be demarcated for indigenous reserves or quilombolas.” Farmer :Thanks to him the agribusiness and the forestry sector are very hopeful of great business opportunities in Brazil for the years to come!
Herbalist: but the right of theses people and the protection of the amazonian forest is way more important than agrobusiness! I’m sooo angry about these bad people that destroy the planet and the little flowers!
Historian : Well, did you know that agribusiness in Brazil means cheap soybeans and biofuels for european countries? Sustainable biofuels put in your car to go to the next concert and soybeans for the cows that produce milk for good cheese?
[Lui montre et sous le nez la boîte de fromage de l'apéro du début]
Herbalist, to cynical: Is that true?
Cynical : I’m afraid it is.
Cynical : I don’t want to become cynical, I don’t want to know anything more!
[Cynical se penche vers elle et lui chuchote un truc]
Herbalist: Yeah, you right, it’s the solution, I’m gonna kill all the bad people just now!
[se lève et sort]