The year 2018 will officially be the 3rd International Year of Coral Reefs. After two editions of these IYOR and faced with the climatic emergency that weighs on these ecosystems, the expectations and the stake are hight!
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Sunscreen is damaging the coral reefs. Hawaii lawmakers passed a bill that would prohibit the sale of over-the-counter sunscreen that contains chemicals known to kill coral reefs and marine life. More than 3,500 sunscreens, including some of the most popular brands, use the harmful chemicals oxybenzone and octinoxate. Studies show that when chemicals enter the water, they take the nutrients from corals and bleach it white. Researchers say over 14,000 tons of sunscreen lotion end up in coral reefs around the world each year. The bill still must be signed by Hawaii’s Governor, but many hawaiian businesses are already taking a step forward by implementing their own bans on certain manufacturers. Hawaii would be the first state to ban certain sunscreens.

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We are a French students group working in environmental education. As part of an international class, we are now studying coral reefs, and especially bad effects of chemicals composing some sunscreens on corals. We would like to interview a professional working on this topic and we found out your contact on the Internet website . Might we interview (on skype or on the phone) you or a member of your educational team ?

Let us know if your are interested and thanks for every information you can give us,

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Ministère de la transition écologique a demandé à l'Anses une évaluation de l'impact de certains produits chimiques sur les coraux pour janvier 2019. Hawaii a déjà banni certaines crèmes solaires. Surtout produits chimiques contenus dans cosmétiques, crèmes solaires, lessives. (article sent by NOAA)