Sketch by Marina, Elise and Sacha

Narrator : Marina
Scott : Elise
Chap : Sacha

Narrator: (Speaking to the public?) Do you know the famous story of White Fang and Little Red Riding Hood? No !? So, will I tell you?
(settles on the desk, opens his book and starts to tell)
Once upon a time there was a young shepherd (shefed) who went to pick up mushrooms in the Sherwood Forest. With his faithful white wolf,named white fang, who followed him. He says aloud:

Scott : Oh it’s a nice day ! But where is White Fang ?

(diapo forêt)

Narrateur : Scott stopped immeditely and saw a pretty lady in red who look stressed.

Chap (entrée en scène): « Chuuuuuuuuuuut . There is a wolf that rodes in the forest! Be careful !! 

Scott : - What does this wolf look like ?

Chap :- He is tall, white, he looks dangerous

Scott : Oh my god it’s mine ! It’s White Fang ! It’s harmless ! Don’t be afraid

Chap : Wait a minute, are you telling me you're friends with the wolf ?!

Narrateur : Red Riding Hood drew back suspiciously (suspichisly).

Chap : I have nothing against you but the wolves are still very dangerous! Just this month he try to eat 3 times! And don’t forget my grand-ma

Scott : Oh no ! you can’t say that !

Narrateur : Scott starts to get excited and points to the red hood and say (seize):

Scott : You are alone dressed in red in forest and you go to see your grand mother in the middle of night ! The wolves are curious, you know ? This is their home !

Chap : - wowowow, it's nice all but have you heard (herd) about the beast of Gevaudan ?

Scott : - What ? What this storie about ?

Narrateur : The tensions seem to be cooling down ... the red hood takes out a litle book to give him a summary of the history of the beast of Gevaudan

Chap : you know that the wolf doesn’t have a very good picture in the French culture. For example the beast is susposed to attack humans in eighteen century

Scott : No no it’s a joke, it’s a legend ! You want me to believe in werewolves too ?

Chap : It’s true, we recorded between 80 (eighty) and 100 (one hundred) attacks, mostly deadly and they happened in espacialy Lozere county

Scott : Three hundred (300) years before why not, but now there are no more attacks on humans, the population has highly dicreased ! And the wolf is afraid of humans

Chap : But at worst, if you do not like to read, I hope at least that you saw the movie "Brotherhood of the Wolf”

Scott : This is a movie not reality !

Chap : And what about the breeders. What about the attacks on the herds?

Narrateur : Scott rolled his eyes / What you need to know is that/ this was not the first time Scott heard this argument / He, move a little away from the hood.

Scott : I’m listening to you

Chaperon : the wolf is expensive! In 2013 (tewnty thirteen) it cost more than 14 (fourteen) million euros! That includes 2 million to compensate the losses (lossis), 10 million to protect the herds and another 2 million to pay the civil servant

Scott : But this money is very useful to allow at wolves to live in their environnement and to protect and help the breeders ! It’s maybe better to pay this amount than wolves being killed a second time

Chap : For a population from 250 (two hundred and fifty) to 300 (three hundred) wolves in France, each one costs at least 60 000 (sixty thousand) euros.

Scott : I repeat my point of view but there are solutions proposed with this money. For exemple protection dogs, electric fences… and so on

Narrateur : On this argument hood stood up and took her tablet from the basket. She came to scott to show him something

Chaperon : look at this article that I found with my tablet. You see this graph represents the money got by the victims of the wolf. In 2004 (twenty and four) the problem of the wolf cost 2 million euros then 7 million in 2010 (twenty ten) and finally 15 million in 2014 (twenty fourteen). and after that you dare to tell me that it costs nothing! (montrer le graphique)

Scott : I know a sherperd in Italy in a region with more wolves on a smaller area and there aren’t (ant) so many problems ! The real problem it’s the number of animals in each cattle ! If there are less animals it’s easier to guard and protect them!

Chap : but you can at least admit that the wolf looks a scary

Scott : It’s a predator ! it’s natural for them ! But it is an interesting animal and it is seen differently in different countries… For exemple in Italy…

Chap : Those Italian, one more time

Scott : In Italy the wolf is not a devil, it show the protection like she-wolf in the storie of Romulus and Remus the creators of Rome.

Narrateur : To sum up, to protect themselves from the wolf the breeders should have:
• a small herd (several hundred but not thousands!) Which is not always easy
• a permanent human presence
• and forgetting protective dogs and protective fences

Scott : Give me your tablet please, I watch recently a video in the internet and I would like to show you. It’s about the reintroduction of wolves in Yellowstone park. They allowed to rebalance ecosystem and regulate a big game populations.

(1ere partie video)

Scott : you see that wolf cubs, thier mother need sixty-day of gestation and gives birth to four or eight (4 or 8) wolf cubs. It's like dogs.

Chap : how many reach adulthood

Scott : about half, that depends on their environment
(2eme partie video)

Chap : Yes but that's in the U.S ! But listen to me, if the wolf come back, hem ay kill game but also livestock and still cost money.

Scott : For the moment an other situation is impossible because there are less breeders et more forests : it’s so good for the wolf to coma back

Chap : That's true, there is less farmers today ... besides I have 3 pig friends who tried to settle down, one succed, the two others left because of the wolf

Narrateur : Both characters seem to cool down and find common ground. They began to talk like two friends. Red Riding Hood pulls out a bottle of wine and they sit down side by side

Scott : Tell me why you are afraid of wolves ?

Chap : Oh, that what happened to me when I went to see my grandma, the wolf try eat me each time

Scott : And then what happened to her ? She is dead ? And the heritage is for you no ?

Chap : No, you're stupid she's not dead, there's a hunter who came to save us.
But you, where ur wolf coming from ?

Scott : It comes from Alaska, my native country and firends gave it to me

Chap : But do you really think we can tame a wolf ?

Scott : White Fang is a cross between a dog and a wolf, so it’s easier but the others are too wild and too much hunted

Chap : Oh yes it is true there is a quota (qwota) of 40 (fourty) wolves per year in France

Scott : Do you think it works ?

Chap : I don’t know Everyone does not agree some breeders would like to increase (incriz) the quota and some ecologists would like to delete it so the question is not solved yet

Scott : So for you the solution would be that wolves should be in parks ?

Chap : Well yes, it brings money, they are safe and everyone would be happy

Scott : Would be sad for them because they are wild animals and they need space. The groups range in distances from 30 (thirty) to 6000 (six thousand) km² (square kilimeters). You know how does the group work elsewhere?

Chap : Hum, there is an alpha, right ?

Scott : There is a couple of dominant alpha wolves and couple omega wolves that are weaker

Chap : But what is the role of omega ?

Scott : it is a wolf that proposes the moments of play with the other wolves and which calms the conflicts in group.

Chap : Oh my god !!!!! actually (acthually) it's quite complex …. (regarde sa montre) oh I'm late I have to go, my grandmother is waiting for me

Scott : Good by and say hello to grand ma !

Chap : bye

Narrateur : They lived happily, Scott with his trusty wolf and Red Riding Hood with her grandmother.
It’s not today that the question of the wolf will have an answer
But the wolf is finaly only one of the many problems of farming but may not be the most urgent or the biggest one.