Theater Script

2 seeds : 1 farmer (Gabi) and 1 commercial (Clémence)
1 commercial (Mélanie)
1 farmer - Mr Field (Benjamin)

Equipment :
- Insects drawn on cardboard
- Red (for the commercial seed) and green (for the peasant seed) leafs, feathers, headband, painting for the face.
- False  RoundUp bottle
- Slideshow
- Clip that we realized in Florac
- Wheelbarrow
- Watering can
- Shovel

*The farmer and the farmer seed are on stage. The farmer is planting his seed, taking care of her.
The farmer prepares for the arrival of the commercial.
Arrival of the commercial with her seed. *

YEAR 1 :

C : Hello Sir !!!
F : Hello!
C : How are you doing ?
F : Well, I was just preparing my seeds for this year.
C : I just brought you a great seed !
F : No, thanks, I only use farmer seeds.
C : Why ? My seed is much less expensive !
GC : and I'm so beautiful !
GP : Beautiful ?! Look at your color ! You seem sick !
GC : It's you who is sick ! You are so little and febrile !
GP : But me I have a family ! I have friends also, like insects !
* Commercial is separating the two seeds*
C : Ok ok, STOP NOW ! Let me convince you : my seed is better, she's more productive. How do you want to feed the world without productive seeds?
F : *hésite* more productive ? How much ? You mean that I can win more money ?
GP : WHAT? What did I just heard ? We have always been together ! I don't ask for herbicides, I grow alone. It's been 1000 years that I grow here without problems, I know this land and this climate by heart.
F : Yes, I know... I love you a lot, but you know I don't have a lot of money these days... Maybe I could try just for one or two years, for the kids to go to school...
C : Exactly ! You can change your mind, you must try. You are free to chose. Other farmers tried them and are very satisfied.
GC : Trying me is adopting me ! You won't be disappointed, I promise you.
GP : I'm reminding you that you are in a dictatorship ! As if you are planted in a lot of lands, you'll never be free. Always, you are a part of your creator. You are totally submitted.
C : Not at all ! You'll have a better genetic when you will buy her each year. You don't understand progress ! We have to innovate all the time. You have to have better harvests or not ?
F : I'm skeptical... I heard that farmers can become dependent of big firms when they start to buy commercial seeds.
C : Through scientific and technological innovations, we find sustainable solutions to enhance soil health, use data to improve farming practices and conserve natural resources, and provide crop protection products to minimize damage from pests and disease.
GP : Maybe you minimize damages from pests and disease, but just because your utilisation is associated with pesticides and inputs. Me, I'm never sick. With me you don't need to buy inputs, I'm more economical than this red seed !
GC : But if you look, with a little more work you'll see your yields explode!
GP : *public integration* Wait ! We're going to ask the audience watching us what they think about it.
F : Good idea ! What would you do in this situation?
GC : Who votes for me ? Push your hand up
GP : Who votes for me ? Push your hand up
C : So, I'll give you a bag of seeds for a hectare so you can try them on. I'll see you next year to see the result.
F : Ok no problem ! Thank ! Bye
C : Bye ! (Science for a better life)

*We switch off the light for the beginning of the second year.
The farmer is planting his peasant seed, taking really care of it (we can say her, he loves her!).
Then, he plants the commercial seed with a tractor, taking less care of it.
On the background (slideshow), we can see a seed growing as the days go by.
The peasant seed is decorated by insects (ladybugs and bees), to symbolize biodiversity. She is watered.
The commercial seed grows in a more elongated manner, and receives  RoundUp.
The commercial arrives.*

YEAR 2 :

C: Hello Mr field, how are you ?
F: Hello ! I'm find and you ?
C : Find ! How was your harvest ?
F : I had good returns !
C : Oh great ! So I imagine you will buy me seeds again ! How many do you want to buy for this year?
F : Great great... I'm not sure! I agree the yields are more productive but they cost me more than my peasant seeds because I had to buy products so that they would not grow properly.
C : But you just bought nitrogen !
F : Heuuu no ! I also had to buy glyphosate, fungicides, insecticides.
GP : Yes, and it killed all my friends the bugs! Lady gaga the ladybug, Edward the caterpillar, Dorian the ant and Bernaby the bee !
F : Don't worry ! I know, but we will remedy this I promise you!
GC : Anyway, insects are useless. We don't need them. Do you want me to tell you the best moment when I grow? It's when I'm pulverized of all this nutrients. They're sooooo sweet!
GP : You're talking nonsense! Bees are pollinators and are essential for plants! If they all disparate, what we are going to do in 15 years? This extinction will cost more money than everything we can buy.
C : But it's very good for economy ! In China, it's creating employment. Chinese are pollinating flowers by hands, and it dynamizes countrysides.
F : You're totally crazy ! You're walking on your heard. I heard a story that's crazy like you. I heard that in India, because of Monsanto's cotton Bt, 300 000 farmers suicide themselves because they were indebted. Before Monsanto, it want 8 roupies a kilo of seeds, and after, 1600 roupies for 450gr! They couldn't come again to peasant seeds because they were already bankrupt.
GP : oh... I don't want my father to suicide himself !!!
C : Here we are in France, and we don't talk about GMOs like in India but just about certified varieties. Don't mix everything.
GC : Yes, nobody suicides because of me ! I'm here to nourish the planet. Trust me !
F : I'm sure you lie. Moreover, my neighbours were sad because they could not see anymore flowers. They couldn't even hear the songs of insects, birds... And fuck, I don't want to be dependant. I'm sorry, but go out.
GP: *talks to the commercial team* Watch this video! It's made by French students, it will confirm a lot of people think like us. There are even subtitles in English !
F : Ok my choice is done. I keep my peasant's seeds. It is not worth it to come again next year. *Song : baby I'm woth it, and little funny dance*
C : You don't know what you miss.... But ok, goodbye.
GP : Me I know what he wins !! :D

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