The questions we prepared were those ones just under. We have changed them a bit because it was better for the dialogue.
- Can you introduce yourself please ?
- What is your job ?
- What do you think about farmers seeds ?
- For you, what are advantages and disadvantages of peasant's seeds?
- Are there any seed banks in your country? If so, how many? How does it work (exchange/price?.....)? How are seed stocks managed? If no, does organization fight for that ?
- Are there any tension about seed in your country ? What are your revendications about that ?
- Do you know farmers who use them ? Are them satisfied of their choice ?
- Or other people (gardens)... ?
- Have you got an idea about peasant's seeds' price? Is it worthwhile?
- How do they resist to commercial seeds? Is there pression?
- Is the subject known by citizens ? Is it an actual debate?
- What's their statute ? Is it legal to use them ? Are you victim of pattents?

We had a problem for the interview (we started with Audacity and realised it wasn't working) so we don't hear the first part of the job's presentation. We lost our presentation too (we are 4 students that study seeds for an English project...).

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