Toys in our society

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Toys, gender stereotypes, and our planet
Campaing - "Let toys be toys"


Grade 1 and 2 : 8 keywords and synthesis

1.Gender-stereotyped toy marketing
Marketing is the set of techniques used to market a product. Here, toy manufacturers separate the female and male gender to sell more versions of same toy.

2.Wasteful packaging
A lot of product and mainly toys in this context are coat of plastic or cardstock. The wasteful packaging, it?s like the useless of conditioning.

3.Overlapping issues
It is a term that can be used to cross two complementary ideas. It is said that two ideas overlap.

According to the world environment strategy, sustainability is a form of global development between environment, social and economy for a sustainable life or sustainable generation. He was born in Rio conference (Bresil, 1992).

5.The three « R?s » of the green movement: Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
Reduce, reuse, recycle, is a kind of waste strategy against huge non sustainable management for a sustainable life. There is a link between waste management and carbon footprint.

6.Charity shops
A Charity shop is a type of UK enterprise managed by a charitable organization. They sell some used books, clothings, music donated by public. Charity shop is a kind of French model Emmaus.

Is an act or action made by animals, plants, ecosystems. Behaviors are reusing to analyze human. Behaviors can be influenced by environmental education.

8.Green issues
Green issues are some anthropic negative effect on environment.

Sophie Otte (video)

Girl toys vs boy toys
the experiment ? BBC stories


My own keywords définition

Grade 1
The video document I chose is about an gender experience on small children.
They disguise a girl as a boy and vice versa. They give them toys and a volunteer adult to play with.
So this experiment is based on a trick :

1. Trick (supercherie)
Is making the fake look like the real thing.
A bit like a joke of bad taste.
A kink of calculated deception.

In this case, the purpose of this strange joke is to lead volunteers towards
awareness of their biases :

2. awareness (prise de conscience)
is when suddenly, our brain sees a new light and we start to understand things differently than usual.
It may come more or less quickly or never depending on the people.

3. biases (préjugés)
I'll give you a clue :
Most people, unfortunately, are bord, live and die with them. Who am I ?
They are judments issued in advance and based on interpretations.

Grade 2
BBC asks the question « is it nature or nurtur ». It's un big question like the hen and the egg.

4. nurture (élever, éduquer)
If we decompose the word,
Nur means to encourage and ture mean « what attract ».
And if we extend the word ;
Nursery refers, as in French, to a room reserved for yound children.
So for me and in this context, nurtur makes sense to raise a child with certain conditioning.

Indeed, volunteers picked out toys according to the child's sex :
that is to say, dolls and soft toys for girls and toys that teach spatial awareness or physical confidence.

sly select and propose « boy toys » at a girl...
5. physical confidence (assurance physique)
be careful, confidence is a king of false friends. « Confidence » in French mean telling a secret to someone. « Confidence » In english mean « confiance » in French. Trust s a synonym. associated with the word « Physical », confidence refers to insurance and security.
In the end, when they discover the thrick, volunteers are astounded to discover their lack of openness and question their gender biase in the past and for the future.

6. Picked out (sélectionné, choisi)
at the base, It's simply the fact of choosing. But, but which, depending on the context, may be more or less subtle.
And in this experience, this word seems to have a pejorative connotation. He presses this word when he says «  she's picked out the robot, the car , the puzzle game.
this is the key moment in the experience that shows us that the person doesn't know the thrick since she inconscio

Alyssa Davin

1. Educational toy designer

It's a job. Someone who create toys in order to educate.

2. Play worker

It's also a job. A play worker support children and young people to take part in the activities to ensure that each child learn and thrive through play.

3. Toy Library

It's a place where everyone can test or borrow a wide range of toys. Generally, games for all ages can be found. It's a good opportunity to share family moments.

4. Child welfare

Child welfare can make reference to the social work which ensure that children are safe and that families have the necessary means to provide balanced development for the child. Child welfare also means the well-being of child.

5. Environmentally-friendly

It's used to describe a product which has the least possible impact on the environment. This term can be perceived as greenwashing.

6. Social responsibility concept

It's a model of private business self-regulation. This concept helps company to be socially accountable. It's a way to be conscious of the kind of impact company have on economic, social or environmental aspects.

7. Board game

Any game played on a board. Usually pieces are moved around the board, such as chess or checkers.

8. Sufficiency Economy

Sufficiency Economy is a philosophy applicable at all levels, from the individual to the family and community, to governance and national development.
This philosophy is based on the middle path with three components: moderation,( according to one?s means) reasonableness (ethics) and self-immunity (resilience). It helps to develop a more resilient and sustainable economy.

Caroline Miollany

this is an excerpt from the following program :
©2019 CBC/Radio-Canada. All rights reserved.

« LOL surprise ball » is the name of a famous toy in North-America. It is a half-ball made of plastic and packed in plastic : inside, you can find lots of little plastic balls containing very tiny stuff such as shoes or clothes for a little doll that you will find into the biggest ball ! Everything is made of plastic !
This toy is aimed to children from 5 to 8 and it costs about fifty to one hundred dollars. Sometimes more !
Here, on CBC Radio, a child is saying « Super duper jumbo lol big surprise ball » : that means he?s got a very very large « lol surprise ball » !

the video of this definition is on the usb flash drive I put on Abdel's desk

« We are kicking off a new series » : in that sentence, « kicking off » means « to begin », but It sounds more dynamic than just « to begin ». You can hear « to kick off » used literaly, talking about the way a footballer is throwing the ball to start the game.

« We kick it to the curb » as above, we use « to kick ». It means to throw something out in the garbage. It looks like « to kick » is often used in several ways to mean several things but there is always the idea of « energy, dynamism or movement » in every of its sense.

« The downside » of something is the bad or the dark side of something. Mrs Diamond is talking about plastic : it is an amazing material that enable us to develop and democratize some inovations (in medical field for example) but the downside is all the waste and the pollution.
And you, do you think there is always a good and a bad side in anything ?

the video of this definition is on the usb flash drive I put on Abdel's desk

« At the frontend » means : at the genesis of the problem. Here, Mrs Diamond explains that the society is talking about the waste but that we should also deal with the origin of the problem (wich is all the mineral oils and the energy we are using to produce things). According to her we should put the focus on that point.

« HDPE » = High-density polyethylene is a kind of plastic that is used to make bottles (for milk or ketchup for example). It is the kind of plastic that is recycled by the Green toysTM company to produce durable and safe toys.

« To span » is a verb used like that : something spans FROM somewhere TO somewhere else. We can say for example that in France, Occitan culture is spanning from the spanish frontier to the italian frontier.
It means : « it extends » wich is easier to understand for a French speaker.

« Social leader » is someone who is showing a way for the society, first. Here, Cameron Passmore is a social leader because she?s promoting a greener way of producing toys or a « less-plastic way » wich is better for the whole society : no doubt about that ! She?s one of the first and one of the only ones to produce eco-friendly toys.

the video of this definition is on the usb flash drive I put on Abdel's desk

my summary of this issue :

This video is on the usb flash drive i put on Abdel's desk