"L'EEDD dans le monde" Environmental education around the world

"The goal of environmental education is to develop a world population that is aware of, and concerned about, the environment and its associated problems, and which has the knowledge, skills, attitudes, motivations and commitment to work individually and collectively toward solutions of current problems and the prevention of new ones."

Europe, United States, Oceania, Canada

Zoé, Marianne, Philippine, Maria

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Links to every supports :

Maria's Video : Canada
Zoe's Video : North America
Philippine's Video : Oceania
Marianne's Text : Changing Behaviors with E.E.

2 points à traiter par territoire minimum :
- Lois, règlementations environnementales (parcs, réserves, zones naturelles, ...)
- Les déchets, le tri
- Les scolaires et les jeunes en général
- Les circuits de consommation (alimentaire)