North countries'agricultures

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Dehays Charlotte
Isoard-Pinatel Flora
Turc Keanu

Salmon Aquaculture in Norway

Aquaculture in Norway by GGN Certified Aquaculture

Key Words :

- Seafood : It's all the food coming from the sea.
- Metric tons : Unit of mass equal to 1.000 kilograms
- Fish farms : Place where fishs are raised for food. It could be in tanks on the ground or in big circular cages directly in the sea or ocean.
- Grappled with : It's an expression who significated to be confronted / to face up to a problem.
- Species : In this text, the species are principaly some species of the sea that we can eat.
- Sustainable developpement : It's the idea to continue the growth of the society while trying not to exhaust the natural ressources for the futur generations.
- Sea lice : Parasites that settle on salmons and eat their mucus and create some wounds. It makes salmons more sensible to diseases.
- Issuance : Publication of official law. Here it's for the publication of the green licenses.
- Safety requierements : Exigency gives to the producers that should help them to respect the environment.
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Reindeers Herders - Sami family

Key words:
reindeers: a deer of the tundra and subarctic regions of Eurasia and North America, both sexes of which have large branching antlers. Most Eurasian reindeer are domesticated and used for drawing sledges and as a source of milk, flesh, and hide.
herders: a person who looks after a herd of livestock or makes a living from keeping livestock, especially in open country.
Sami People: an ethnic group of people living in Sápmi, an area in the far north of Europe. It is a part of Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia.
Farm: an area of land and its buildings, used for growing crops and rearing animals.
Doubt: a feeling of uncertainty or lack of conviction.
modern: relating to the present or recent times as opposed to the remote past.
climate change: a change in global or regional climate patterns, in particular a change apparent from the mid to late 20th century onwards and attributed largely to the increased levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide produced by the use of fossil fuels.
grain: Fruits from cereales.

This video present two men; Panel (from Paléo family) and Nils Hendrik (from the reindeer district Kunkuma). They are both from the Sami People, people linving in Lapland which have been herding reindeers for thousands years.
They follow reindeers from place to place, now using snowmobile. Since some years they have some problems because they have never experienced very fast temperature changes with the climate change . It is important in the sens their animals have to get through the snow to eat but with climate change the snow get really hard and the reindeers can not go through it.

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Vegetable Production in an Arctic Country :

There is very little crop production in the northern countries, it's explained by the low temperatures throughout the year as well as the lack of light half the year.

This documentary depicts the initiative of an American who came to settle in Longyeardbyen, Svalbard, Norway and who wants to produce vegetables in his city. For this reason, he has developed a permaculture system in greenhouses/igloo where he is currently growing green "plants" such as basil or small green shoots for salads.
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Key words :

1. Permaculture : is a system of ethical design aimed at building sustainable human habitats by imitating the workings of nature. That is, fostering, organizational, structural systems that tend towards resilience and stability for a sustainable world.
2. Sustainable systems : production system which is part of sustainable development, that is to say a viable system with a long-term vision taking into account the environment and its constraints.
3. Sprouts : young shoot that will differentiate into plants
4. Permafrost : ground permanently frozen to a height of several centimeters
5. Long artic night : Part of the year where the days are plunged into the night
6. Weed : plants that are not desired in the crop. Often annoying for production
7. Compostable : food waste put in the ground with glasses to promote their decomposition
8. Dome/greenhouse : is a translucent closed or semi-open structure, made of glass or plastic, intended for agricultural production. It aims to protect crops from climatic elements, to improve plant production, to accelerate growth and to produce them independently of the seasons thanks to a greenhouse gain under the structure.

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