The Wagyu, the prime quality beef from Japan

Participants : Clément J. Matthieu N. Lucille S.

Question asked : about Kobe beef breeding methods. Is this breeding way applicable in all beef breeding of the world ?

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- Wagyu : It simply means japanese beef from wa « japan » and gyu « beef ». Wagyu includes breeds originate from japan, like Japanese Black or Japanese Polled

- Flecks of marbling : The flecks of marbling are the lines of fat that we can see in a cut of meat. The more flecks of marbling you see, the better the wagyu meat is and the more expensive it is.

- A delicacy : A very good food which has a wonderful taste. All good foods can't be named delicacy, they have to be uncommon, expensive, and typical of a region.

- Hybrid animal : An animal which comes from the reproduction of two different species or subspecies. The wagyu beef is an hybrid cow, at first it was selectionned for its stamina because they could work all day. Later they found out that this breed had good meat.

- Monounsaturated fat : A type of fat known for its benefits for health. According to several scientific research, monounsaturated fat reduces the risk of breast and prostate cancer and the risk of high blood pressure. The most well-known monounsaturated fat is omega-9, it can be found in olive and macadamia oil and in wagyu beef.

- Niche product : A product manufactured in a small quantity and destinated to a small group of people, because it is very specified.

- Conventionnal beef cattle : The most common types of cows int the world. They are not limited to a region. Examples : Prim'Holstein, Hereford

- Infancy : The infancy is the first step of life, it can also refers to the beginning of a project.

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(to) Breed= is to grow animals
(a) Herd= is a group of animals
(to) Plow = is to work the soil (the ground) with a machin then realize a plantation
Hay = is the herb animals eat
(a) Pen= is where animals are parked (outside or inside)
(a)Heifer = is a young femal cow, that never had a baby
(to) tweak = a tweaked gene is a gene modified
(a) Barn = is where we can stock hay. It can also means the place where animals are living in.

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Kobe beef in the USA article
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Keyword :
tenderness: It's when you are smooth, friendliness.
wholesaler: It's the person how sold produce in big pieces/volume.
butcher: It's the person how prepare the meet and sold it.
Melting: It's when a produce become liquid.
flavor(ful): It's when a food look very good to eat.
breed: Inside a specie of animal, breed refer to witch kind of family an animal is belong.
slaughtered: It's the process to kill an Cattle.
Cattle: That mean all farm animals.

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