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This topic is introduced by Marion, Didier and Julia !

Didier's text :

The return of the wolves (by University of Freiburg, May 2019) -

Keywords :
1) Deterrance measures
2) Emphasizes
3) Hunters
4) Slaughter
5) Negative conditioning
6) Electric fences
7) Species
8) Livestock

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Julia's video:

Working with Ranchers to Protect Livestock and Wolves (by Defenders of Wildlife June 2011) -

Extracted keywords :
Coexistence : the way to live between each others, ranchers, livestocks and wolves, without needing to exclude one of them
Explanation from a video >> HERE <<
Research : some people are studying wolf and livestocks' biology and behaviors to find solutions for ranchers activity's and wildlife (here wolves) conservation
Purposes : the reasons behind the actions we take, why we do it. The purpose of that organization is about conserving wildlife and habitats
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Grazing peacefully : where livestock can graze without being stressed by wildlife activity like wolves predation
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Deter : the action to make a specific behavior avoided. For example, "Defenders of wildlife" look for solutions to deter the wolf from predating livestocks
Native species : animals that are native from an area, like here the wolf was native from Idaho, but exterminated
Breezing facing: material used to protect the livestock against wolf predation with red flags attached to the closure, moving with the wind.
Ranchers: the people, or group of person, who's owning the farm and make livestock grazing to product milk/meat/anything else coming from the livestock activities

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Marion's video :

Cattle Ranchers Want The Right To Kill Some Wolves (by Vice News January 2018) -

Extracted keywords :
Leeway : It?s an expression that explains the flexibility of a project. It expresses the fact that we have enough, or more than what we need, so no need to worry nor stress.
Compensatory measure : it is often a replacement to compensate a production asset that we have lost. For the environment, compensatory measures are intended to finance farmers' financial losses due to environmental hazards. For example, a wolf kills a cow, the state refund the price of the cow killed by the wolf.
Balance : the correct proportion (the same quantity, quality, etc) within two opposed things.
Burden : it has several meanings. But one can be defined by something important and not easy to manage for a person. For exemple : Livestock management is a very big burden because it takes a long time for the animals to take care of them.
Cattle : Group of domestic animal, breeded by farmers, that used to product milk, meat or anything else. It?s more or less a synonym of « livestock ».
Monitoring: Follow-up somebody or something to know more about his/its activities.

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