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The European project PastorEA on pastoralism brings together 3 agricultural education structures in France, Spain and Slovenia.
It allows the exchange of issues, contexts and practices in the transmission of knowledge for pastoralism. The objective is to promote and/or develop training in pastoralism to give it its rightful place in agricultural training and in a dynamic of agro-ecological transition.

Le projet européen PastorEA sur le pastoralisme réunit 3 structures d'enseignement agricole en France, en Espagne et en Slovénie.
Il permet d'échanger enjeux, contextes et pratiques dans la transmission des savoirs pour le pastoralisme. L'objectif est d'impulser et/ou de faire évoluer la formation au pastoralisme pour lui donner sa juste place dans la formation agricole et dans une dynamique de transition agroécologique.

Evropski projekt PastorEA o pastirstvu združuje tri kmetijske izobraževalne strukture v Franciji, Španiji in Sloveniji.
Omogoča izmenjavo vprašanj, kontekstov in praks pri prenosu znanja o pastoralizmu. Cilj je spodbujati in/ali razvijati usposabljanje na področju pašništva, da bi mu zagotovili pravo mesto v kmetijskem usposabljanju in v dinamiki agroekološkega prehoda.

El proyecto europeo PastorEA sobre pastoreo reúne a 3 estructuras de educación agrícola en Francia, España y Eslovenia.
Permite el intercambio de temas, contextos y prácticas en la transmisión de conocimientos para el pastoreo. El objetivo es promover y/o desarrollar la formación en pastoreo para darle el lugar que le corresponde en la formación agrícola y en una dinámica de transición agroecológica.


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Far from having an anecdotal impact, extensive pastoralism appears to be one of the relevant responses to agronomic, ecological, social and economic issues through the production of quality food, without inputs, the maintenance of open environments and biodiversity, the reduction of fire risk, the maintenance of landscapes and rural dynamism, etc.
The European team has immersed itself in themes such as climate change, predation and biodiversity with experts from each country, with a view to preparing three transnational training sessions by August 2022.
At the end of this project, the partners will be able to develop new training courses adapted to the current context and challenges of pastoralism.


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  • Refining the inter-mutual knowledge of the contexts and to identify the points of convergence and divergence;
  • Carrying out an inventory of the organisation of training and knowledge transmission in pastoralism;
  • Analysing and comparing the training/transmission systems;
  • Elaborating scenarios for the development of training in pastoralism based on the issues at stake in the field and to identify the relevant pedagogical elements with regard to these issues;
  • Contributing to making pastoralism visible so that it is recognised for the important place it can have in the agro-ecological transition.


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- Federacion de Escuelas Agrarias de Galicia (Spain), in charge of agricultural advisors and future breeders training,

- Biotechnical center of Naklo (Slovenia), in charge of training managers, agricultural advisors and technicians, teachers, and future breeders,

- Biotechnical Faculty of the University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), in charge of higher education, professional and postgraduate education, scientific-research,

- L’institut Agro - Florac (France), in charge of support and training of educational teams in agricultural education.

Public concerned

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Breeders and shepherds, teacher-trainers, advisers and technicians in chambers of agriculture, from pastoral associations and unions, or from organisations managing labels or brands.
Eleveur-euses et berger-es, enseignant-es-formateur-trices, conseiller-es et technicien-nes en chambres d'agriculture, issu-es d'associations et syndicats pastoraux, ou d'organismes gérants des labels ou marques.
Rejci in pastirji, učitelji, svetovalci in tehniki iz kmetijskih zbornic, pastirskih združenj in zvez ter organizacij, ki upravljajo blagovne znamke.
Ganaderos y pastores, profesores-formadores, asesores y técnicos de las cámaras de agricultura, de las asociaciones y sindicatos de pastores, o de las organizaciones que gestionan etiquetas o marcas.

PastorEA's team

Rosa, Spain

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Guillermina, Spain

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Gil, Spain

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Tomaz, Slovenia

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Tadeja, Slovenia

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Matej, Slovenia

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Sarah, France

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Sylvie, France

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Alice, France

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Marie-Laure, France

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