Parents should remember that we can teach a child, first of all, by our own example. If we can’t plan our day for homework, we are constantly worried about deadlines and everything is done at the last moment, then our son or daughter is guaranteed to be like us.

Parents and children can keep the goal in mind with the help of the table. Just enter the desired action in the column, for example

Start homework without being reminded

Finish work on time

Correctness (quality of work)

Fold your backpack by yourself

Order for the table after the lesson, etc.

In the following columns we place the names of the days or dates of the week and sum up the work for each day by entering + or -.
Seek help for your child in writing complex problems (often available from a professional case study writers service). It takes some time before the table has only pluses.

To get used to something, you need to start work every day, preferably at the same time. Schedule specific hours for your child to complete homework. Even if you did not ask anything, all tasks from the school curriculum must be completed. Such exercises are best suited to teach a child to overcome difficulties. It may be a textbook of the same class, but published by another publisher. This is especially true for mathematics - the authors of textbooks present the same solution in different ways. And this teaches the child that the same problem can be solved in different ways. From the point of view of consolidating a skill, it is very important to maintain regularity and break it.